Software Development

When working @Glaact you will find that our core mission is to combine our software engineering expertise and industry specific knowledge to build scalable custom software solutions for business startups or for established enterprise-grade businesses. Scalable, high quality and flexible custom software is the key to your digital transformation journey and competitive advantage, whether you’re starting with an idea or augmenting your existing solution with additional functionality.

We can support any software development process step by turning your business concept into reality:

Software Testing

We understand that launching an exciting new software implementation smoothly requires thorough testing. Our priority is quality first in order to ensure that your digital solution meets or exceeds your needs, we invest dedicated time to testing and finessing the product before it gets released. We understand that thorough testing is a critical step to the software development process so that we deliver highly functional, bug-free software to fully understand your objectives and final goals.

Workbench Extension

If you are looking for a custom software development or just a staff augmentation, we can help.

@Glaact our Certified teams can offer flexible approaches as well as a hybrid approach that ensures your success.

Staff Augmentation can quickly be scaled up for your team and provide the following benefits: